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Will the used synthetic turf have lines on it?

Most likely. All our turf is a USA made, commercial grade, sports turf that is reclaimed mostly from high school and college football or soccer fields. Lines are typically stitched in as opposed to painted on and can be easily cut or painted out. We do not do any separating or cutting. Turf is sold by the roll only and sold "as is."

What is synthetic turf “infill”?

Infill is granulated rubber pellets or sand or a combination of the two. On sports fields it is used to cushion the fall of the players and add traction. In a residential application it helps keep blade upright, creates a more natural feel and adds weight to the turf to help hold it down.

Does the used turf you sell come with infill?


Turf with infill will be extremely heavy, weighing 2,000-3,000 pounds or more! At Turf Kingz the heavy infill has been extracted making the rolls much lighter and easy to manage and install. Although there can be some residual infill left over, when removed, these rolls will only weigh about 1-2 pounds per square foot.

Does artificial turf drain?

The artificial turf is perforated and is 100% drainable.

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