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USA Made, Commercial Grade, Used Artificial Turf
No Infill, Lightweight Rolls, Easy To Manage
Save Money, Pennies on The Dollar!


Used artificial turf is the perfect solution for any landscaping project on a budget or just looking to save money...


Used artificial turf is the perfect solution for any sports project on a budget or just looking to save money...


Used artificial turf is the perfect solution dog runs, dog parks, kennels, boarding facilities, agility courses, etc...

Used Artificial Turf Uses


This year and each and every year for decades more to come, thousands of sports fields will need to be replaced. When these fields are replaced with new turf, the old turf has traditionally been hauled off to the landfills. This means that nearly 100 million square feet of plastic is destined for the landfill every year! It is a staggering amount of waste.


At Turf Kingz, we reclaim this turf and offer this "used turf" as an alternative to the very expensive NEW artificial turf. This turf is still in good condition and the perfect solution for any project on a tight budget including lawns, paintball, batting cages, dog runs, sports fields, playgrounds, etc. 


For so many people, the idea of conserving water, no maintenance lawns, protecting our environment, along  with so many other benefits of artificial turf, is appealing but the cost can be exorbitant. Our mission at Turf Kingz is to provide high quality, reclaimed, artificial turf, at a fraction of the price, so that everyone can afford to enjoy all the benefits of artificial turf!

Not only is artificial turf green year round, used artificial turf is far less expensive and has many benefits that make it the perfect alternative for high maintenance natural grass. Here are some of other benefits you may not be unaware of.

  • Environmentally Safe

  • No Harmful Fertilizers Or Pesticides

  • No Watering Or Mowing

  • Kid Safe & Pet Friendly

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