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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common queries about shipping and receiving your turf

How long does shipping take?

In most cases shipping is less than a week to any hub around the country. Shipping can be as quick as 1 day in some instances.

How big are the rolls and how much does turf weigh?

Turf rolls are primarily 15' wide (long) and tightly rolled on a core about 1'-2' in diameter. Landscape turf generally weighs about 1/2lbs psf, so take your total square footage and divide by 2 to get roll weight.

Will you load the turf roll for me?

Yes! Our associate warehouse operators will assist you in loading the rolls onto your transportation as long as they feel it is safe for you to drive off. Consider a Flat bed trailer or renting one. Renting a 26' U-Haul truck can also be an excellent option.

Will you deliver to my residence?

Yes, we can facilitate residential deliveries with a few cautions: It becomes your responsibility getting the rolls off the truck, not necessarily the driver's. The driver will help you in almost all cases but he will not assist in moving the turf beyond the curbside drop point.
What to expect from your residential delivery

What if I cant make it down to the hub after it arrives?

We make every effort to assist with timeline logistics and realize things come up. Keep us informed of any delay beyond 4 days after the turf arrives at the hub to avoid any fees associated with prolonged storage.

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