Artificial Turf Product Remnants



Best For: Residential gardens, public parks, commercial landscapes.
Features: Natural appearance, durable fibers, UV resistance.
Benefits: Enhances outdoor aesthetics with minimal upkeep, offering a lush, green lawn all year round. Perfect for areas that demand high visual appeal and functionality with very little maintenance.


Best For: Home pet areas, dog parks, veterinary clinics.
Features: Easy-to-clean surfaces, excellent drainage, antimicrobial to minimize odors.
Benefits: Creates a safe, enjoyable, and low-maintenance environment for pets and owners alike. It's designed to withstand pet activity and is easy to sanitize, keeping areas hygienic and odor-free.


Best For: Playgrounds, school yards, child care centers.
Features: Cushioned underlay for safety, soft fibers to prevent abrasions, non-toxic materials.
Benefits: Ensures a safe and durable play surface for children, resistant to rough play and all weather conditions. It's ideal for areas requiring fall protection either by regulation or preference. A 2/1 Sand/Rubber mixture recommended on outdoor non padded.


Best For: Putting greens, mini-golf courses, residential practice areas.
Smooth, consistent surface, true ball roll, minimal maintenance.
Benefits: Provides a professional-grade playing experience, ideal for practice and leisure. It mimics the feel of a real green, allowing for roll speed customization.

Outdoor Sport, Batting Cage

Best For: Multi-sport fields, batting cages, athletic training areas.
Features: High resilience, enhanced durability, suitable for intensive use.
Benefits: Supports rigorous sports activities and training with superior performance and longevity. With rubber infills or on a 5mm pad it's designed to absorb impacts, reducing injury risk and enhancing athletic performance.

Indoor Sport

Best For: Indoor arenas, sports complexes, fitness centers.
Features: Padded underlay for shock absorption, traction-optimized surface, durable.
Benefits: Offers athletes a safe and responsive playing surface, ideal for a variety of sports and activities. The padding improves safety, making it suitable for high-impact sports and training sessions especially where concrete is the base.

Rooftop, Deck, Balcony

Best For: Urban outdoor living areas, patios, high-rise outdoor spaces.
Features: Lightweight, drainage systems, adaptable to various surfaces.
Benefits: Transforms hard surfaces into lush, inviting landscapes, adding usable and attractive space to urban environments. It's perfect for enhancing small or elevated outdoor areas, bringing a touch of nature to urban settings ranging from soft and realistic to a lower pile functional option.

Gym Turf

Best For: Crossfit gyms, indoor sports facilities, agility training areas.
Features: Durable, high traction, easy to maintain.
Benefits: Provides a sturdy and versatile surface for athletic training and fitness routines, enhancing gym aesthetics. It supports a wide range of activities from heavy weightlifting to agility drills and sledding making it an ideal choice for modern fitness environments.

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