Turf Kingz is a national company that currently has multiple locations across the country. We sell the reclaimed artificial turf that comes off synthetic sports fields from high schools and colleges when they are replaced. 


Part of our business model is partnering with nurseries, landscape supply and/or materials supply companies, leasing some space to store turf, and paying to have turf loaded and unloaded. It has proven to be a very mutually beneficial relationship as our customers see your products and your customers see ours, thereby increasing sales. Companies that can offer delivery or installations can generate even more revenue by providing those services. 


We pay $500 per month for storage of 50 rolls or more. If there are less than 50 rolls we pay $10/roll with a minimum lease payment of $200 per month.  

Example;  50 rolls or more on site= $500/mo.  30 rolls on site= $300/mo, 20 rolls or less=$200/mo. 


In addition, your company is paid $100 per flatbed to unload, as well as an additional $10/roll for each roll of turf loaded for customers. 


Approximately 1000 square feet of space should be adequate for storage, depending on how you stack them.  We need someone available to load customers at least 4 days a week. The only other thing you need is an operational forklift. Your employees are not required to sell or even answer questions. All inquiries are directed back to us. All payments are taken by us, by phone, with a credit or debit card. Once a customer is approved, we notify you that they are approved for loading. No turf is loaded without approval from one of our representatives.  


This a great opportunity to make an easy supplemental income. Contact us now if this sounds like something that might work for you and your company.